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The Writers Group Author's Fair has been moved. Instead of July 13th

at the Marion County Library branch on Michigan Road, it is now going

to be at the Warren Branch Library on Saturday, August 31st.

The library is at 9701 East 21st Street. 

Big building, big event, I'll have all 13 of my books on Amazon

up for sale with discounts on multiple purchases. Come and see us. We're anxious to see you all.


Brand New!


Here are 12 stories to scare, tickle you, and most of all entertain you. Click on this link and go directly to the Amazon purchase page to read a sample and purchase.

​​When he was young Russell Cabot's world turned upside down. His heritage was not what he thought it was. As he grew up and grew older, he learned to live with the mystery until a Russian orphan came into his life and made all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Click on this link and go to the Amazon purchase page. ​

MFN front cover.jpeg

Surprise! Fritz is an alien.

Our wise old dove came to this planet millions of years ago in a starship equipped with a time machine. Now he is going back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, and he's taking his new friends Amanda Chestnut and her parents with him. 

Click the link below and go direct to the Amazon purchase page.

This is my first Christmas story for children ages 8 and up. Fritz encounters a heart-broken little girl who has just been told there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Our wise old dove knows better and explains the truth about the jolly old elf as well as the truth about kindness and sharing with others.​

Click the link below to go straight to the Amazon purchase page.



It's October, 1962. The Russians have installed ballistic missiles in Cuba, and they are aimed at the United States. Our white dove, Fritz and his friends are on a mission to stop WW III, and this mission--MUST. . . NOT . . . FAIL.

Click on the link and go to the Amazon purchase page. Read a sample of the book.







Black Rain and Paper Cranes

Our talking white dove, Fritz is on a mission to stop deployment of the atom bomb. History remembers he failed, but there is hope for the future, and that hope lies in the iron will of a brave girl living in Hiroshima, Japan.





The Year is One

In the year 2020, the worst pandemic in over a century was raging all around the world. Finally there was a vaccine for it, but there was also a pandemic of hate, fear, and lies with no vaccine for that. A young autistic boy with a fabulous tenor singing voice may provide a beacon of hope. 

Click the links below to go to the Amazon purchase page. Kindle  Paper back


A Year in the Life

Ten-year old Caren has a lot to learn about other people's feelings following the death of her beloved grandmother. She has blurted out an unkind remark to her grandfather for which she is sorry. What follows is her struggle to apologize to a man she has grown up with but who she barely knows.




The Dove and the Lone Eagle

Fritz the talking white dove follows Charles Lindbergh from his childhood, his rigorous army flight school training, and finally his historic non stop flight across the Atlantic. It was a harrowing 33 hours in May 1927. Read and share in one of aviation's greatest feats.




Planet Ocean

Two boys dream of building their own rocket ship and get a lot more than they bargained for. Eric and Travis and the rest of Earth's people have been visited by an alien race who offer them an alternative to their troubled world. Will they take it? Can they trust the aliens? Exactly what are they offering? Find out in this tale of the high seas and deep space.

Albert's Light Beam

Why can't we fly faster than the speed of light? How do you explain E=MC2? Why does time slow down the faster we fly through space? If those questions baffle you, read this, the first in a series of books featuring Fritz the talking white dove explaining the theory of relativity to Albert Einstein's little sister.

A young family moves into a house built on the site of a massacre in the nineteenth century. Now the dead have come back to haunt the innocent. One man can help them, but he has a haunted past of his own, and it involves his relationship with the man who ordered the mass murder.

NOTE: Adult content

Children With White Knuckles

It's not about children but about adults who have survived childhood and are still haunted by the sins of their elders. It's about broken trust in bad need of repair, and it's about innocent grandparents struggling to regain the love of their granddaughter.

NOTE: Adult content

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